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One address book to rule them all

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Memiana remembers all your friends' phone numbers and addresses. Updates them if they change. Unifies all the address books from your smartphone, computer or mail. All these is automatic and free of charge. Join.


5 reasons to start using Memiana

  1. To keep everything you want to remember about your friends and close ones.
    Names, addresses, numbers and even birth dates - now it is all kept in one safe place. If someone's phone number is lost it is easy to restore the address book from a backup copy.
  2. Synchronize contact details in your devices
    As soon as you add a new number or edit the old one, Memiana will make the same changes for all the devices and programs that your linked it to. Contact information in all your device will always be appropriate and unified.
  3. Keep in touch with your friends. Even if they change phone numbers
    Memiana users can exchange their contact information automatically. All changes that your friend made to his profile will be copied to your address book.
  4. Carefully transfer contact details from one device to another
    And it does not matter what phone or OS you are using.
  5. Create a virtual card that all internet audience will see. Or will not see.
    People will always know how to reach you. If your card is not for the broad audience, you can select users who will be able to see it.

And this is not it. Keep reading our news because we always come up with new features.